Our Work



The TopUpStore from Miami, Texas is a convenient online destination to top up / refill / recharge - prepaid mobile phones of most wireless carriers. They had a wide market and were upcoming in their sector. Like every other sectors the competition had grown and their approach began lagging at the social media front.


So, when they approached to revamp their digital marketing we took up the challenge. Our team of experts and strategists began with tearing down the website and rebuilding it with optimization of the content and the backlinks.

Wait, that is too less. Well, this being a B2C company we began collecting data on ideal audience and made customized strategies to target them using Facebook and Google ads.

Now, to increase website conversion we focused on the social media marketing and also came up with offline marketing ideas. The best part of this was we used our Intent based ads system to target the right person at the right time, thereby improve reach and conversions by 64% in a span of 2 months. The cost per click was brought down to $2.40 and website traffic doubled.


The store makes an average sales of $700 a day with an average conversion rate of 88% per month.