Our Work



After a huge hunt for something to do, On The Go was launched in December 2002. They came across lots of ups and downs and gained experience in each one of it, still marvelled on how it all started. Strangers to the city, not a word of Tamil amongst them or an idea about how to run a business, except a food related one.

The restaurant has earned quite a reputation for itself in Coimbatore, which has led to the launching of On The Go on 2010. It all began after accomplishing years of experience with That's Y Food. On The Go is a new age experience which is happy serving Coimbatoreans an exceptional and exotic dining.

Another launch of On The Go group is Café Totaram named after Totaram ji. He was the grandfather of Ms.Ranjana Singhal, the owner of On The Go Group. The café is minimalist. The menu is limited and simple. The cutlery and flatware are disposable. And in keeping with the Gandhian philosophy of sustainable development, everything in the café, from ingredients for the food to the disposable plates, cups, etc., as far as possible, is sourced from Coimbatore. Café Totaram strives to follow the Gandhian traditions of simplicity and sustainability.


We decided to make these eatouts a place meant for more than just food. We created their social presence in the most happening platform, Facebook. We started to conduct events within the restaurant that called out for a get-together, some quality bonding time and exciting prizes for winners of contests.

We were clear in our target audience for whom we designed the strategy and executed it methodically to achieve high results. We targeted men and women between the ages of 16 – 55 of the HNI (High Net worth Individual) customers who are the main section of the customer base for these three places.

We have conducted a variety of food fusion festivals, chaat festivals, charity fund raising events and book reading sessions that gave good visibility to the hotel in the city. The event garnered support from regular customers as well as there were some new footfalls that eventually turned out to be repeated customers of all the three eat out.

We used Facebook as a powerful platform to propagate our events and festivals. We reached the maximum of our target group through Facebook.


With a reach about 13,000+ unique people every week. The likes and response for the pages are steadily increasing from day to day. Our strong Facebook marketing, branding and creative for these restaurants have impacted positively on their business and is still steadily showing an upward curve.